New And Fast Growing Businesses For 2015

Different types of businesses are being created every now and then. This is to cope up with the growing needs of consumers for various products and services, as well as to take advantage of demands for commodities that are not yet widely available. Some businesses are created to tap a portion of a large market while some very successful businesses created their own market demands through effective marketing strategies.

There are many new businesses in the market today that are experiencing huge growth. Here is a list of new fast growing businesses that experienced vast growth this 2015.

Outsourcing Services

For the past years, a lot of big companies cut back on their human resource to reduce cost due to the economic recession. Even though some companies really need more people for their business, some became reluctant to rehire. What these businesses actually did is outsource some of the noncore business functions to other firms. This outsourcing created a lot of opportunities for the business service industry. Because this sector is not yet dominated by large companies, businesses in the outsourcing industry experienced rapid growth and higher demands.


For the skilled workers, starting a small contracting business will be a really good option today because of the increasing demands for small scale contractors. Experts predict that more people will be buying new homes today and first-time homeowners will increase the demand for contracting services. If you want to take advantage of this growing market, start your own contracting business.

Smartphone Repair

With almost everyone using smartphones for work, business, and personal use, repair services for these gadgets are also very in demand. Some big repair shops offer services that are very expensive and even cost as much as the phone’s price. This is why a lot of consumers prefer small scale repair shops because of the affordable repair cost. If you have the skills in phone repair, then starting a repair shop for smartphones might be a lucrative decision.

Traveling Salons

A lot of people especially the elders are really giving high importance to their health. But aside from achieving a fit body, a lot of people really want to look good but with their busy schedules, cannot find enough time to travel to salons. Mobile salons are becoming really in demand today since customers can just call the salon and the mobile salon will go to their location. This is also very beneficial for the elders who are already having difficulty traveling to various places.


Translation Services

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for translators and interpreters are expected to grow by 46% by year 2022 – higher than the average growth in all occupations. This is why businesses providing translation services are really enjoying great business demands and revenues. This is brought about by the growing global marketplace wherein cross-cultural communications already require translators for effective communication.

Mobile Consulting

Mobile technology has become a vital component for businesses. However, going mobile for some businesses may be a bit difficult especially for beginners and for those who have little knowledge about business mobile solutions. This is why mobile consulting is really in demand now. With more and more businesses wanting to go mobile to improve the business, more mobile consulting experts will be needed.

Food Truck

Food truck is not a new business idea but this is included in the list since food truck businesses are now experiencing revival and rapid growth. According to a study, food truck industry is projected to reach $2.7 billion revenues in 2017. If you love cooking and have some great recipes to offer, then starting a food truck business will be a good option since it is more affordable compared to a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Other new and small businesses that experienced rapid growth this year are software training, healthcare consulting, recycling pick-up services, and businesses that offer children-friendly applications.